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Essential environmental and surface hygiene

Our hygiene experts offer fully-serviced hygiene solutions, giving you peace of mind that you are able to keep your employees and customers safe. Surfaces that are directly touched by the skin, notably the hand, can be a source of transmission to staff and customers. Frequently touched surfaces can become increasingly contaminated and have a greater risk of transmission if no remedial action is taken to reduce cross-contamination. Every area in your business should be disinfected and cleaned thoroughly and regularly. 

Providing effective surface hygiene solutions

To ensure cleanliness and stop the spread of infections, your business can take measures to reduce the risks of contamination so that the premises are in a suitable condition for staff and customers.Using an integrated approach to hygiene – involving a number of interventions to minimise cross contamination risk along the journey of the germ – is the most effective way to limit the spread of harmful germs.

Surfaces in a building can become hotspots for cross-contamination of germs if they are not regularly wiped and disinfected. Particular attention needs to be paid to:

1. Communal areas, such as washrooms, canteens, receptions, kitchens, elevators, changing rooms.
2. Frequently touched objects and surfaces, such as door handles, floors or equipment and machinery.
3. Office areas including workstations, desks and storage areas.


The coronavirus is affecting every business around the world. To get back to business and to prevent cross-contamination and the spread of germs, businesses need the correct hygiene protocols in place. It’s important that you keep your staff and customers safe, minimise risk and create hygienic environments across your facility. Their awareness of the importance of hygiene will have increased over the last few months and your business will need to provide reassurance and cater for these increased expectations.

G & M Company's service promise

Everyday, local teams of our service technicians deliver efficient, discreet hygiene services to commercial customers accross the board. With flexible serviced contracts tailored specifically to your business needs, Initial takes pride in delivering the highest levels of service, innovative solutions and professional customer care. We install and maintain your hygiene solutions, manage consumables and care for concerning compliance issues with respect to food and other allied legislations.

Current Issues faced in Hotels & Restaurants What we offer Resources and Downloads
  1. Lack of awareness

  2. Lack of resources

  3. No threat and early warning system

  4. Lack of committment

  5. Lack of tools and equipemt to combat threats

  6. Lack of purpose built infrastructure of educational esatblushment

  7. Misconception

  8. Unavialibilty of professional trainers

  9. Lack of up-to-date scientific literature

  10. Unavailibility of proper cleaners and disinfectants

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  1. Development of Comprehensive Hygiene and Health Action Plan

  2. Health, Preventive Measure and Management Plan

  3. Reduction Strategies of Hygiene & Cleaning Budget

  4. Pest Management Program

  5. Development of Auditing System (Both internal and external)

  6. Cost effective Supply of Hygiene Material

  7. Soaps, Liquid Soaps, Sanitizers

    Cleaning & disinfectant materials such as floor cleaners, glass cleaners, toilet cleaners,

    Daily mopping & cleaning materials (such as Phenyle, Disinfectants)

    Dishwash, Glass Cleaners, Multi Surface Cleaners

    Cleaning equipment & accessories

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Download Product Brochure Brief
Download Safety Information (MSDS)
Cleaning & Sanitization Article
by Angela M. Fraser,
Ph.D., Associate Professor/Food Safety Specialist


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Special Offers & Services

1. Cost effective supplies related to health and hygiene.
2. Free liquid soap dispensers (once in two months).
3. Free Dengue & Residue Sprays with Professional Defoggers Equipment (includes manpower services and equipment only, not included supplies & drugs, every 3 month or suitable frequency).
4. Will provide MSDS / SDS for all products.
5. Free monthly third party visits and reports with photos (email or WhatsApp). This third party monitoring will ensure maximum compliance with respect to cleaning and hygiene.
6. Free signage for Hand Washing and Cleaning (once in a year).
7. Free Alerts of Seasonal Diseases Outbreak via email or WhatsApp or SMS
8. Microbiology Tests for key areas (SWABS etc, taking samples from the facility to the Lab and acquiring reports, not bearing cost).
9. Free Screening (basic testing i.e. is it fit for human consumption or not) and Water Testing (taking samples from the facility to the Lab and acquiring reports, not bearing cost).
10. Expert opinions and consultancy regarding facilities and care.
11. Free Pest management advise
12. Lectures (on request, with minimal cost) on personal hygiene to students and staff. Special focus on master trainers.

13. Development of comprehensive safety and hygiene manuals and trainings.


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