kitchen hygine : All-in-one care
(Triple Action Formula: Suitable for Manual & DishwasherS)

An Innovative and Collaborative Approach to Kitchen Hygiene

Why is Hygiene and Cleanliness Important?

The importance of maintaining the hygiene standards in home, hotels and restaurants cannot be stated enough. Hygiene in every food area is not just essential to ensure the health and safety of your love ones, family, employees but due to its critical role in building the perception brand image of the business in case of public serving places. Customers want to dine at a clean restaurant that serves hygienic food. Hygiene is probably the second most crucial aspect of running a restaurant; the first aspect would be of maintaining food quality. If the customer thinks that the restaurant is unhygienic or unclean, they let go of it in a heartbeat. Not to mention that reports of lack of hygiene in a restaurant are the worst sort of publicity a restaurateur can invite on himself. It a home, business or charity following are very brief points to consider, while achieving high standards of health and hygiene;
1. Regular Inspection
2. Personal Hygiene
3. Soap and Sanitizers
4. Ensure Proper Ventilation


Why Cleamax Diswashing Gel and Sanitizer?

Bacteria and other food born pathogens cannot be seen unless they are under a microscope. Millions of bacteria and viruses may present on an area as small as a pin head. A good, effective, dishwashing soap and sanitiser is required to kill a wide range of bacteria on a surface, not just those known to be responsible for food poisoning. Food preparation surfaces and equipment which come into contact with food may be contaminated with several different bacteria. Cleamax Dishwashing Liquid and Cleamax Dishwashing Sanitizer have excellent bactericidal action, clean well and are suitable on all food contact surfaces. For detailed literature and SOPs go to download section area or on this page about “Product Information” area.


Cleamax Dishwashing Liquid and Cleamax Dishwashing Sanitizer range is formulated using carefully selected fine grade ingredients and is manufactured under a procedure keeping all major standards and regulations in mind.


Current Issues faced in Hotels & Restaurants What we offer Resources and Downloads
  1. Lack of awareness

  2. Lack of resources

  3. No threat and early warning system

  4. Lack of committment

  5. Lack of tools and equipemt to combat threats

  6. Lack of purpose built infrastructure of educational esatblushment

  7. Misconception

  8. Unavialibilty of professional trainers

  9. Lack of up-to-date scientific literature

  10. Unavailibility of proper cleaners and disinfectants

  1. Development of Comprehensive Hygiene and Health Action Plan

  2. Staff Health, Preventive Measure and Management Plan

  3. Reduction Strategies of Hygiene & Cleaning Budget

  4. Pest Management Program

  5. Development of Auditing System (Both internal and external)

  6. Cost effective Supply of Hygiene Material

  7. Soaps, Liquid Soaps, Sanitizers

    Cleaning & disinfectant materials such as floor cleaners, glass cleaners, toilet cleaners,

    Daily mopping & cleaning materials (such as Phenyle, Disinfectants)

    Dishwash, Glass Cleaners, Multi Surface Cleaners

    Cleaning equipment & accessories

Download Product Brochure Detailed
Correct Diswashing Procedure (The 3 Compartment Method)
Download Product Brochure Brief
Download Safety Information (MSDS)
Cleaning & Sanitization Article
by Angela M. Fraser,
Ph.D., Associate Professor/Food Safety Specialist

Special Offers & Services

1. Cost effective supplies related to health and hygiene.
2. Free liquid soap dispensers (once in two months).
3. Free Dengue & Residue Sprays with Professional Defoggers Equipment (includes manpower services and equipment only, not included supplies & drugs, every 3 month or suitable frequency).
4. Will provide MSDS / SDS for all products.
5. Free monthly third party visits and reports with photos (email or WhatsApp). This third party monitoring will ensure maximum compliance with respect to cleaning and hygiene.
6. Free signage for Hand Washing and Cleaning (once in a year).
7. Free Alerts of Seasonal Diseases Outbreak via email or WhatsApp or SMS
8. Microbiology Tests for key areas (SWABS etc, taking samples from the facility to the Lab and acquiring reports, not bearing cost).
9. Free Screening (basic testing i.e. is it fit for human consumption or not) and Water Testing (taking samples from the facility to the Lab and acquiring reports, not bearing cost).
10. Expert opinions and consultancy regarding facilities and care.
11. Free Pest management advise
12. Lectures (on request, with minimal cost) on personal hygiene to students and staff. Special focus on master trainers.

13. Development of comprehensive safety and hygiene manuals and trainings.


Please send us for any further suggestions and improvement.