healthy school initiative
(an inititive to promote student well-being)

All aboout "Healthy School Initiative"...

The success of a school is determined by a wide range of factors ranging from the quality of teaching, the punctuality and attendance rate, even the cleanliness of school classrooms and equipment. If one or more of these factors fall below satisfactory standards at any time – not just during an external inspection – this could be detrimental to the reputation and operation of the school. So, when we think about factors contributing to a student’s academic success, a clean school environment probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, research shows that school cleanliness does affect students’ academic performance and success. In fact, cleanliness is so important to productivity that it is considered one of the top 4 most important building elements for a school or learning environment.

Creating a clean and hygienic environment for pupils and staff should be a priority for schools. Educational establishments have a duty of care to keep the environment clean and safe. It helps to provide a pleasant and safe place to learn and work. Moreover, an impression of concern is conveyed to parents, guardian and to all key stakeholders about their health and wellbeing.

We want to build a relationship based on collaboration and mutual interest. There is a huge budget spent every year on hygiene and cleaning in the schools and offices, we proposes you a system which will be able to cater all hygiene and cleaning needs of schools  & establishments , in efficient, effective and in more budgeted manner. We hope to reduce this budget by approximately 20%, increase efficiency and effectiveness many folds and numerous health benefits & well-being.


Current Issues in Educational Institues Initiative Detail Resources and Downloads
  1. Lack of awareness

  2. Lack of resources

  3. No threat and early warning system

  4. Lack of committment

  5. Lack of tools and equipemt to combat threats

  6. Lack of purpose built infrastructure of educational esatblushment

  7. Misconception

  8. Unavialibilty of professional trainers

  9. Lack of up-to-date scientific literature

  10. Unavailibility of proper cleaners and disinfectants

  1. Development of Comprehensive Hygiene and Health Action Plan in Schools

  2. Student Health, Preventive Measure and Management Plan

  3. Reduction Strategies of Hygiene & Cleaning Budget

  4. Pest Management Program

  5. Development of Auditing System (Both internal and external)

  6. Cost effective Supply of Hygiene Material

  7. Soaps, Liquid Soaps, Sanitizers

    Cleaning & disinfectant materials such as floor cleaners, glass cleaners, toilet cleaners,

    Daily mopping & cleaning materials (such as Phenyle, Disinfectants)

    Dishwash, Glass Cleaners, Multi Surface Cleaners

    Cleaning equipment & accessories

Step-by-Step Guide to Establish School Health & Hygiene System
A Clean Approach to Education: Safe and Hygienic Learning Environment

How school hygiene and cleanliness impact the success of the school?
How to Develop a Comprehensive Hygiene and Health Action
Plan in Schools and Educational Institutions

Sample Policy Health Care Needs

Sample Policy Personal Hygiene


UNICEF: Safe School Return Campaign
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Six tips for secondary school students
UNICEF: Safe School Return

UNICEF: Parents' guide for kindergarteners
Safe School Return


Must-reads for parents, caregivers and teachers
UNICEF is working with health experts around the clock to
provide you with tips and guidance.

Key messages and actions for coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
prevention and control in schools

Guidance from UNICEF, the World Health Organization and the
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies


UNICEF's Compplete COVID-19 Guide
What you need to know about the virus to protect you and your children


Special Offers & Services

1. Cost effective supplies related to health and hygiene.
2. Free liquid soap dispensers (once in two months).
3. Free Dengue & Residue Sprays with Professional Defoggers Equipment (includes manpower services and equipment only, not included supplies & drugs, every 3 month or suitable frequency).
4. Will provide MSDS / SDS for all products.
5. Free monthly third party visits and reports with photos (email or WhatsApp). This third party monitoring will ensure maximum compliance with respect to cleaning and hygiene.
6. Free signage for Hand Washing and Cleaning (once in a year).
7. Free Alerts of Seasonal Diseases Outbreak via email or WhatsApp or SMS
8. Microbiology Tests for key areas (SWABS etc, taking samples from the facility to the Lab and acquiring reports, not bearing cost).
9. Free Screening (basic testing i.e. is it fit for human consumption or not) and Water Testing (taking samples from the facility to the Lab and acquiring reports, not bearing cost).
10. Expert opinions and consultancy regarding facilities and care.
11. Free Pest management advise.
12. Lectures (on request, with minimal cost) on personal hygiene to students and staff. Special focus on master trainers.

13. Development of comprehensive safety and hygiene manuals and trainings.


Please send us for any further suggestions and improvement.